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 • Janis Ian: Breaking Silence
 • Shawn Colvin: Her Story
 • Steve Seskin Shares Secrets
 • Sarah McLachlan's Walden

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Find and be found by other bands, artists, musicians, songwriters and more with the Musicians Junction. It's free!

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My goal is to:
   Get a record deal
   Place my music in films
   Write for other artists

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 Songwriting Associations

Find support with other like-minded people in your area.
 Unsigned Resources

These sites provide a number of resources for songwriters and musicians of all levels.
 Bands & Artists

From hip-hop to hard bop, smooth jazz to punk, a plethora of talent.

Those that specialize in songwriting as well as performing.
 Music Education

Improve your art with online lessons, instructional tapes and videos, etc.
 Record Labels

From small to mid-sized independents, to some of the majors.
 Songwriting Contests

Show off your craft and talent and by entering one of these contests.
 U.S. Recording Studios

Places within the United States to make your demo or master recording. Organized by state.
 International Recording Studios

Places outside the United States to make your demo or master recording. Organized by country.
 General Links

Miscellaneous sites related to record labels, getting signed, and more.