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 • Song Chorus Construction
 • Successful Song Stuctures
 • Song Hooks
 • Assonance & Payoff Lines
 • Choosing a Form
 • Songwriting Clichés
 • Songs: Follow the Money
 • Pre-Choruses & Bridges
 • Rewriting Lyrics
 • Stairway to Your First Cut
 • Attention Getting Dynamics
 • Ten Songbuilding Tips
 • The Basic Forms
 • The Importance of Contrast
 • The World Changing Song
 • Visualizing a Hit
 • Writing For Specialty Markets

 • Janis Ian: Breaking Silence
 • Shawn Colvin: Her Story
 • Steve Seskin Shares Secrets
 • Sarah McLachlan's Walden

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Contained here is the Addicted-to-Songwriting collection of articles by top Pop, R&B and other well published sonqwriters.

 Song Chorus Construction

John Braheny explains a few common song structures; and emphasizes that "a good share of hits are successful because their choruses are unusual."
 Successful Song Stuctures

At one time, Jason Blume couldn't imagine ever writing anything that had any real meaning for him (or anyone else) by using some recommended structure or formula. Read why Jason Blume changed his plan -- and employs six steps to songwriting success.
 Song Hooks

The hook has been described as "the part(s) you remember after the song is over." Read as John Braheny explains the different types of this important songwriting nuance.
 Assonance & Payoff Lines

Since lyrics are intended to be sung, their sound is sometimes just as important as their meaning. Assonance and Alliteration are just fancy names for specific ways to use the sound of words to add interest to your lyrics.
 Choosing a Form

Even when your songs come spontaneously, there is a point at which you need to decide which form to use. Check out John Braheny's article that's been excerpted from his book, The Craft and Business.
 Songwriting Clichés

Do you have questions about using worn-out phrases and rhymes in your songs? Check-out this primer on Clichés.
 Songs: Follow the Money

Many songwriters feel like they've written the songs -- now let somebody else take care of the business. Can you afford this mindset? Read this two-part article.
 Pre-Choruses & Bridges

Within a song's verse, there may also be a pre-chorus--a two or four line section, immediately preceeding the chorus. It is crafted to propel the listener, both melodically and lyrically, into the chorus. Learn more about these essential song elements.
 Rewriting Lyrics

Taking 28 days to write a song -- with each line being an extraordinary line -- could produce twelve incredible songs per year. Read how Jason Blume did the math.
 Stairway to Your First Cut

We know how hard it is to score that first cut; how you can taste it -- and how sometimes it feels out of reach. But we can tell you first hand that it isn't. Learn about the common traits of successful songwriters.
 Attention Getting Dynamics

Employing song dynamics can make your songs more commercial -- and impress industry pros with your command of the craft. Read John Braheny's excellent treatment on this songwriting undercurrent.
 Ten Songbuilding Tips

If you want your songs to stand the test of time, you have to build them solidly from the ground up. Investigate Peter & Pat Luboff's ten tips for building stronger songs.
 The Basic Forms

No matter how creative and powerful lyrics or melodies may be by themselves, they take on a whole new life and a whole new power and magic when they're together. Learn why the song is greater than the sum of its parts.
 The Importance of Contrast

One thing that can help a song stand out is the effective use of contrast. Contrast keeps our songs fresh and original, while still sounding familiar enough to sing along with on first listening.
 The World Changing Song

What song's #1 ranking on the charts made possible the later-day signings of such artists as Hanson, the Monkees, Shaun & David Cassidy, Spice Girls, Tiffany, Menudo, New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and the Go Gos and many others? Kenny Kerner explains all.
 Visualizing a Hit

A lyricist's job is to get inside the minds of the characters you create in their songs. Here's an exercise that will help you craft lyrics consistent with the images projected by the artists you intend them for.
 Writing For Specialty Markets

When gearing a song to any specific market, it's important to remember that some lyrical and musical elements lend themselves to certain styles of songs and are quite inappropriate for others. Get the skinny on satisfying niches.